Friday, 14 June 2013

My granny square bag.

Happy Summer internet!

I know, I'm terrible, TERRIBLE for posting in the warmer months. I'm even worse because I don't even have a new pattern for you. (Bad blogger! Bad!) I hope you'll still stick it out with me. I've been gardening and cleaning up the yard for  the summer season.

I have been working on a few things though, not much. But a few things. I decided a needed a new bag and after much searching I decided to make this granny square bag. I figured it would be a good way to use up some yarns that have been kicking around my stash so away I went.

The pattern is charted out with minimal instruction but it's just a really big granny square that's lined and gathered at the sides. It does get a tad confusing when you get to the instructions for the sides and the pattern also suggests lining the bag after it's finished. But that didn't make sense. So I didn't do that. I lined mine first, then continued on with the sides and mouth. yarn over, pull through has a really awesome post that outlines this process. Including some great clarification on the sides/mouth charts

I also stuck a divider in the middle. I just cut a rectangle about half the side of the liner and sewed the bottom edge down the middle of the liner. Then since the divider is the same width as the liner I just pinned and sewed the whole mess to my granny square.

 For the straps I used 3 strands of the grey and one of the multicolored yarns I used for the bag and made a really long chain (I wanted it to be able to be a cross body bag) then I double crocheted back down the length of my chain with a 7.5mm hook. I think the straps are a bit thick though and would use 1 less strand of yarn next time.

I also added buttons to the end of each strap to make it adjustable. Boom.