Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I dyed my hair blue!

No, you can't see a picture.
I found manic panic at walmart for $6.00 in blue and purple.
I'm a sucker for manic panic. So I bought some, with the intent of waiting and lightening my hair up a bit before putting fun colors in it. I just dyed my hair "dark blonde" (brown), so I knew blue wouldn't be the most awesome choice...
Cue lack of impulse control and absolute excitement. and you get a weird brown/green/blue color that only took in some places. There are still brown bits poking through and I look ridiculous. This is coming from a chick who's rocking a dread locked,tangled mess of mo-hawk with bangs to begin with. At 25.
I'm kind of in love with it though. I'm debating at putting some of that purple in there for the parts that didn't take or maybe just more blue and hoping for the best.
Or maybe I'll just wait for it to wash out and lighten it like I was planning.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Newspaper seedling pots! Aka I love me some pinterest.

Like every other mom/crafter/woman in the modern world. I am completely in love with pinterest, if you don't know what pinterest is. Just do yourself a favor and clicky clicky on that link and just go check it out. Enter anything you want into that search bar. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Right?! If you want to, you can even follow my pins it's mostly crochet and crafty things. Anyhoo, my love of pinterest led me to the idea of making little flower pots out of a sheet of newspaper by rolling it around the can. King of perfect for the seedlings I have started. I usually just use an old egg carton to start them off but I like this option as well as you can get a bigger plant going before you put it in the ground. And just like egg cartons you can just shove the newspaper pots in the ground when it's time. I'd imagine they're going to be plenty easy to break apart if I need to as well. Exciting.
You can find the tutorial over at Cottage Hill's pretty amazing blog

I'm a Bzzagent! And adventures in Sensitive skin pt 1

K, just a little bit of promotion here.
If you've never heard of it is a social marketing company. "What's that?" you ask, well, basically it's a website where you signup for free, fill out some surveys and get free, full sized products that are specific for you in return for some honest feedback and spreading the word.

I just joined up earlier in the month and within a day was invited to my first campaign. Fantastic, huh?! My first campaign is for "Burt's bee's Sensitive" skincare line. Which, for me is like a dream. It's February in Calgary. My skin is red, blotchy, dry and all around angry. Nothing is working to calm it down. I usually use Spectrojel cleansers and moisturizers but they don't seem to be packing enough moisture. Reader's digest tells me Castor oil and witch hazel will help. That's on my 'to try' list.

Anyhoo, today my Burt's bees came in the mail! My bzzkit contained one full size face cleanser one full sized daily moisturizer and a pile of sample moisturizers to pass along to friends and family. Along with an info booklet. The line also boasts a night cream and an eye cream (I could use the eye cream!). I couldn't resist, after taking a picture of my kit, I popped open that moisturizer.

First impressions of the moisturizer is really positive, it smells sweet and fresh but still very light. The lotion itself feels really smooth and creamy maybe a little bit greasy and heavy though, I can still feel a "residue" on my hands and face 20 minutes later. That being said my skin feels soft, smooth and pretty happy. I just checked in the mirror and a lot of the redness and splotchiness is much less noticeable. This could be promising.

So, thanks, bzzagent! Go check 'em out at their website and sign up, you might just get some awesome free product out of it.You can also check out Burt's bees on facebook

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Well, hello there.

So, hi.

This is my intro post, neat huh?

I'm not entirely sure how to leap into the world of blogging so I figured this might be a good way to start. You may be forced into watching me organize myself and figure this out, it may be painful.

What on earth do I hope to accomplish here? I already have a facebook, tmblr, pinterest and am an avid commenter on a lot of blogs and websites. But I often feel the need to share more in depth opinions, products and just toot my own horn without the feeling of shoving it down anyone's throats. It's here, if you want to read it please do. And comment. I love conversation.

So here's what you can expect: A lot of talk about kids, home and food (including some recipes). Pictures and rants about my crochet projects, some step by steps, links, free patterns and how to's. Definitely a few opinionated rants about life as a woman, wife and mother. And probably a few product rants, maybe even some funny stuff.