Thursday, 4 October 2012

Just a quick update. Also a quick tutorial of those sweet little crocodile stitch baby booties

Happy October everyone!
I've been super super busy with the cold weather coming up. Making hats and slippers, blankets and a few gifts. I'm planning a trip to Nova Scotia/ Prince Edward Island next week and I've been doing some quick finishing up of projects I wanted to share with you all out there.

picot flowers
I finally finished something for myself this week! I made this slouchy hat out of some bernart roving in a lovely coral colour and embellished it with a couple of these picot flowers and a few leaves of my own design. It's warm, soft and fuzzy, even if the flowers are a bit too big.

Work in progress
I also did some delving into the crocodile stitch. Finally. There are a lot of different tutorials out there to get the desired effect. I find this one to be the best/easiest.

I decided to try to figure my own method of making those cute crocodile stitch booties I keep seeing everywhere. It was super easy. But I did learn a couple of helpful hints that I'll share with you.

I just made a pair of baby slippers in a "mary jane" style and omitted the strap then added an extra round decreases and another round of stitches at the top of the slipper, fasten off as you normally would then tie your yarn on what will be the "outside" of the bootie and began the round of crocodile stitches. (as you'll see mine have the "seam/buttons" up the back- I should've done 'em up the side).

I found it beneficial to skip a stitch between my V stitch and Single crochet when I set up the "scale" on the first go around. You'll also want to to a chain and turn (working back and forth rather than in rounds) on the crocodile stitches. Starting a new colour is easy enough, just fasten off and tie on at the end of the "scale" and set up your row of V stitches in the new colour (you want the set up and the scale in the same colour). Then you just fasten off and weave in your ends as with every other crochet project and add some cute little buttons.

I just used the "turning chains" as button holes but you can sew little loops on for button holes. So, there you have it. They're super cute and really easy. I'm working on a big pair of boots with jute bottoms in this style for myself.

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