Friday, 2 March 2012

Another quick word on Burt's bees sensitive skin cleanser

I was gushing about bzzagent and my bzzkit for the Burt's bee's campaign a few days ago. The moisturiser, specifically.
It's been a few days of using the cleanser and moisturiser morning and night and I just wanted to say a big WOW. My winter skin is actually happy. I'm not red or flaky/bumpy on my cheeks, nose and forehead and even my breakouts are calming down a lot faster than normal.

However, even after just a few days it already feels like a little TOO much. A bit too much moisture, if I use both the moisturiser and cleanser continually I end up feeling almost waxy and greasy, which is a common problem for me when it comes to skin care.

Usually I'm a spectrojel kind of girl. I use their moisturiser and cleanser every day but in the winter we all need just a little extra. I think I will start using Burt's cleanser with the spectro moisturiser in the morning it just feels lighter on my face in the day and will use my specrtojel cleanser and the Burt's moisturiser at night. It's supposed to be a "daily" moisturiser as this line has a night cream as well (don't tell the moisturiser police) but I just find it a little too heavy.
Yay bzzagent!

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