Thursday 1 March 2012

Newborn Hammock photography prop/toy hammock - FREE crochet pattern

Something that I haven't really posted about just yet it the whole crochet thing, I've mentioned that it's something I do, every day.

I'm self taught and have been doing it for about 5 years now and a big part of my own personal crochet experience has been  a lot of figuring out, trial and error style and designing/writing my own patterns which I don't often share because I firmly believe it isn't a difficult thing to do and anyone can do it. Crochet is such a beautifully versatile art form. There are really no set way to do it. That's what makes it so fantastic and infuriating! The downside is largely that it can get confusing for a beginner. There are several different abbreviations for the same things (DEC, SC2TOG/European vs US) there are several different methods to achieve the same effect (magic ring, anyone?) but this is part of what makes it so easy to develop your own style and method of operation.  It might just take some getting used to but with practice and some research you can start to figure out your own way of doing things.

Anyhow rant aside lets get on with the pattern, shall we?
The reason I'm posting this is because you can find almost anything if you search the interwebs hard enough, free patterns are everywhere. What I haven't really found yet are little hammock photo props. So I started working one out.  Feel free to make changes as you wish.
I'll find pictures I swear! For now, check out the first version of this hammock (I added the long, thick "tails" for ties as apposed to loops) at my craftsy page

I used:
 6mm hook
P hook ( 16mm ) OR extra large 'speed hook" (19mm- one of those big, grey suckers)
3 strands of baby yarn held together (3 balls- I just used some extra yarn and don't really know how much I used. Sorry)

***Please note, this is mostly to be used as a guide and is kind of a work in progress.Please feel free to alter and tweak as you like. I just wanted to be able to share a practical free pattern for a hammock photo prop***

Worked in rows -CH1 & turn at the end of each row
with 6mm hook Ch6
Sc in second ch from hook, SC across (5)
 Sc across until piece is 2-3 inches in length.
When you get to the desired lengths DC VERY LOOSELY across
Switch to giant hook.
Sc across Ch2
hdc across, ch 2
2dc in each across, ch1
sc across ch1
2sc in each across ch2
dc across ch1
*sc in next 4. 2 sc in next* repeat across, ch2
hdc across, ch1
sc, across, ch2
hdc across, ch1
*sc in next 4, sc2tog* repeat across, ch2
hdc across, ch1
sc across, ch2
hdc across, ch1
sc2tog across, ch2
sc ub eacg across, ch1
dc2tog across, ch2
hdc across ch1,
sc across

switch back to smaller hook and sc across back an forth until you have a little "tail" the same length as the first one (2-3 inches).

The two skinny parts will be used as "ties" So make them as long as you think will need them.

If you don't crochet. I sell these bad boys for $10.00 each here
DO NOT sell my pattern. You may sell things from my pattern I'd love it if you link me.


  1. What size was your yarn? I used baby yarn and it does not look as thick as yours does in the picture. I didn't have one of the HUGE hooks so I used a N hook through the whole thing and added to the rows to extend it and it still seems small. It can fit a can of progresso soup in width for sure.

    1. Hiya,

      If you're using baby weight yarn, you'll want to use three strands worked together to get the right thickness. I used 2 strands of baby yarn and one of worsted for the one in the picture.

      Also, your hook is WAY too small. When I say "speed hook" I mean a P (16mm) hook or an actual speed hook (19mm). I hope that helps

  2. Thank you for posting this pattern. I was looking for a free pattern and your pattern is the absolute ONLY one I found.