Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I dyed my hair blue!

No, you can't see a picture.
I found manic panic at walmart for $6.00 in blue and purple.
I'm a sucker for manic panic. So I bought some, with the intent of waiting and lightening my hair up a bit before putting fun colors in it. I just dyed my hair "dark blonde" (brown), so I knew blue wouldn't be the most awesome choice...
Cue lack of impulse control and absolute excitement. and you get a weird brown/green/blue color that only took in some places. There are still brown bits poking through and I look ridiculous. This is coming from a chick who's rocking a dread locked,tangled mess of mo-hawk with bangs to begin with. At 25.
I'm kind of in love with it though. I'm debating at putting some of that purple in there for the parts that didn't take or maybe just more blue and hoping for the best.
Or maybe I'll just wait for it to wash out and lighten it like I was planning.

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