Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Newspaper seedling pots! Aka I love me some pinterest.

Like every other mom/crafter/woman in the modern world. I am completely in love with pinterest, if you don't know what pinterest is. Just do yourself a favor and clicky clicky on that link and just go check it out. Enter anything you want into that search bar. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Right?! If you want to, you can even follow my pins it's mostly crochet and crafty things. Anyhoo, my love of pinterest led me to the idea of making little flower pots out of a sheet of newspaper by rolling it around the can. King of perfect for the seedlings I have started. I usually just use an old egg carton to start them off but I like this option as well as you can get a bigger plant going before you put it in the ground. And just like egg cartons you can just shove the newspaper pots in the ground when it's time. I'd imagine they're going to be plenty easy to break apart if I need to as well. Exciting.
You can find the tutorial over at Cottage Hill's pretty amazing blog

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