Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I'm a Bzzagent! And adventures in Sensitive skin pt 1

K, just a little bit of promotion here.
If you've never heard of it is a social marketing company. "What's that?" you ask, well, basically it's a website where you signup for free, fill out some surveys and get free, full sized products that are specific for you in return for some honest feedback and spreading the word.

I just joined up earlier in the month and within a day was invited to my first campaign. Fantastic, huh?! My first campaign is for "Burt's bee's Sensitive" skincare line. Which, for me is like a dream. It's February in Calgary. My skin is red, blotchy, dry and all around angry. Nothing is working to calm it down. I usually use Spectrojel cleansers and moisturizers but they don't seem to be packing enough moisture. Reader's digest tells me Castor oil and witch hazel will help. That's on my 'to try' list.

Anyhoo, today my Burt's bees came in the mail! My bzzkit contained one full size face cleanser one full sized daily moisturizer and a pile of sample moisturizers to pass along to friends and family. Along with an info booklet. The line also boasts a night cream and an eye cream (I could use the eye cream!). I couldn't resist, after taking a picture of my kit, I popped open that moisturizer.

First impressions of the moisturizer is really positive, it smells sweet and fresh but still very light. The lotion itself feels really smooth and creamy maybe a little bit greasy and heavy though, I can still feel a "residue" on my hands and face 20 minutes later. That being said my skin feels soft, smooth and pretty happy. I just checked in the mirror and a lot of the redness and splotchiness is much less noticeable. This could be promising.

So, thanks, bzzagent! Go check 'em out at their website and sign up, you might just get some awesome free product out of it.You can also check out Burt's bees on facebook

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